Buying Or Renting A Printer? Professionals, What You Should Choose!

An essential element of the activity of a company, the professional printer, or the copier, the photocopier is a strategic material whose unavailability in the event of breakdown damages the productivity of the collaborators.

For your reading comfort and the fluidity of this article, we will use the terms copiers, photocopiers, and printers interchangeably since the purchase and rental issues arise in the same way for each of these devices. But if you want to become unbeatable on the terms of the printing sector, we advise you to read our glossary of printing materials. Enough to dry your supplier at the next appointment!

First of all, call on a professional dealer!

A common mistake is to want to do without this intermediary by dealing directly with the supplier of professional printers.

This is an ill-advised option because only a professional multi-brand distributor can:

  • Understand all of your needs and constraints and therefore guide you through the wide variety of equipment that has become highly technological
  • Advise in all impartiality; therefore, guide you among the different brands and models available according to your needs (black and white, specific formats…)
  • Obtain substantial reductions from manufacturers due to the volumes purchased and contracts signed with them

By calling upon a professional distributor, the maintenance contract of the copier will obviously be concluded with this one.

Only one precaution: check the financial health of the distributor, his seniority and his reputation (social networks are very effective for this) so as not to suffer a breach of contract in the event of cessation of activity as well as the guarantees provided. If, unfortunately, this situation should occur.

If you are planning to overhaul your document management, you can also consider entrusting this other service to your print supplier. In this case, a dealer with this dual competence should be chosen.

In order to equip their business with a professional printer, many managers are asking the thorny question of buying or renting.

These two options each have advantages and disadvantages listed below.

Purchase of a printer, photocopier

  • Cost generally lower than that of the rental. This solution is economical on the condition of not pulling on the rope, therefore accepting the need to renew your equipment every 3 to 4 years (optimal use cycle of a copier )
  • The company has new equipment, covered by a one or two year warranty, which greatly limits the risk of breakdown and therefore business interruption. An extension must be added to this guarantee to cover the four years
  • The company preserves its financial independence by avoiding being bound by a rental contract for photocopier rental.


Renting or buying a copier is a thorny issue on which only an expert can advise.

Flexibility, control of the budget, and the possibility of benefiting from recent technologies are, with fiscal interest, the great advantages of leasing. Conversely, the generally lower cost and financial independence are the arguments in favor of buying a photocopier.…

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