The Advantages Of Renting A Professional Photocopier

Any business now operates in a competitive environment. Despite the advent of the Web, managing your documents remains crucial, not only at the digital level but also in terms of printing.


The activity of your business requires the printing of a large volume of documents, optimal printing speed at a controlled cost are all major issues for your business, all accompanied by a high quality of printing.

The machines have evolved considerably in recent years being connected to your company network and communicating with the different computers of your employees, playing, in particular, the role of a photocopier, scanner, fax, and printer.

This type of equipment can represent several thousand dollars in terms of investment without forgetting the price of consumables, paper, and maintenance.

Copier Rental

The first advantage of renting a printer is that it allows you to have recent equipment, at the cutting edge of technology, without necessarily having to buy it.

Technical Maintenance

We ensure the technical maintenance of your machine and the management of your IT equipment in order to optimize the performance of your printing equipment.

Renting a photocopier opens the door to tax advantages that conventional financing will not provide, with 100% financing of your investment. Knowing when to lease a copier versus buying is important for budgeting. In the process, you will preserve the cash flow of your company, to the extent that you invest without drawing on your equity or without resorting to a bank loan.

The other advantage lies in the fact that via a rental, you do not have to advance the VAT. The payment, as well as the recovery of the latter, is spread overtime over the payment of the rents.

Tax Benefit

Whether it is a rental, a rental with an option to buy the copier, you guarantee the mastery of your accounting.

Why? Because the rents are deducted from the corporate tax since these are professional charges, which optimize the taxation of your business. By using a rental, you preserve your debt capacity.

With us, you can also consider different copier rental configurations:

  • A classic rental contract, with no purchase option.
  • A rental contract with an option to buy from you: allowing you to buy the copier at the end of the rental period.
  • A rental contract with an option to purchase from us: we also undertakes to buy back your copier at an amount greater than the residual value of your copier.
  • A rental contract with maintenance: whether it is the normal maintenance of the copier or the replacement of defective parts or the loan of a replacement copier in the event of a breakdown.


If you need professional printing equipment for your business, renting is certainly a relatively flexible and optimal solution insofar as it guarantees you state-of-the-art equipment, optimal management of your professional expenses, and technical maintenance of your fleet. Printing provided by the company that rents the equipment to you.